The human body is an ongoing, self-regulating, self-administering, self-correcting, self-replenishing organism estimated to be composed of over 50 trillion cells, all of which originated from a single cell. It has more cells than all the star systems presently presumed to exist in the universe. It has organized and differentiated itself collectively into what we call a human being, capable of making distinctions, maintaining self awareness, managing all its functions, and reproducing itself with cellular turnover and replacement twenty-four hours a day, all without our conscious intervention. With the availability of the appropriate resources and a supportive nurturing environment, there is some evidence that suggests the human body is capable of living relatively disease free for a span of time in the hundreds of years.


-  That the human body is made out of what we eat and drink.
-  That human beings did not evolve on isolated chemicals, nor blends of them.
-  That the quality of peoples health is almost totally contingent upon the quality of the building materials going into their body's creation.

We believe that, optimally, the healthiest source of nutrition is naturally healthful food grown in nutrient rich soil without chemical intervention. Lifestar begins with the premise that nature knows best and that the complexity of natures design fulfills a purpose which supports health, even when we don't understand the intricacies of how. We believe that wholeness is essential to health, and that if nature included something, it must be important.


Health occurs at the cellular and to various degrees the mental level (placebo/nocebo effect). It is a state of being in which the potential of the design function of the cell and the organism of which the cell is a part are both being fulfilled by quality food, liquid and thoughts. Healthy cells in a healthy environment work together in a synergistic relationship. Cells cannot be healthier than the health/quality of the materials (energy) from which they are formed or the environment in which they exist.

The inclination to refine, re-engineer and improve upon nature has not produced healthy results. More than one million people in the United States are diagnosed with cancer each year. Treating cancer is an $80 billion-plus a year industry, with a death rate of more than 500,000 people annually. More than 900,000 people die of heart disease or stroke each year. Alzheimer disease is the fourth leading cause of death. Allergies, arthritis, advanced candidiasis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and other degenerative and immune-suppressed disorders are chronic and epidemic. The United States has an Infant Mortality Rate 22nd in the world, and a life expectancy rate 20th in the world. These statistics are inconsistent with a nation that prides itself on being the most advanced nation that ever existed. In fact, there is a conspicuous absence of these chronic and degenerative diseases in so-called primitive cultures and native habitats which enjoy none of civilization’s advancements or technological marvels.

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In an authentically healthy and balanced diet, our food would supply ample proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, bioflavonoids, bioflavonoid, antioxidants, enzymes and the countless other food constituents necessary to ensure an adequate supply of all the factors necessary to provide the quality of building materials needed by our bodies to replenish, rebuild and continue to organize themselves consistent with a healthy, robust state. There should be no need for any kind of dietary nutrient supplementation. Unfortunately, to varying degrees, most diets are not only harmful, they provide nowhere near what is really necessary. The on-going assumption is that most of the food available to us is safe and in a healthy state. Nothing could be further from the truth!

FACT: Most of the food available to us is raised for quantity, not quality.

FACT: The proliferation of chemicals in food far exceeds reasonable precaution against damage. 60% to 90% of the chemicals sprayed on crops are used to beautify produce, not to improve its nutritional quality. Of the thousands of pesticides introduced since 1945, only a fraction have been tested for potential health effects. Rather than creating pest-free agriculture, these chemicals and toxic poisons have produced more virulent species of insects able to resist ever stronger insecticides (see gene amplification).

FACT: Most of the food available to us is grown or raised to generate stock dividends for foreign and/or domestic investors, not to contribute to our need for safe, healthful food.

FACT: Most processing of food destroys its inherent nutritional value, including the enzymes nature includes for the body's use in digestion. This destruction causes an increase in the white blood cell count in the body, medically characterized as an immune response to poison, also known as digestive leucocytosis.

FACT: Studies indicate about 80% of the average American diet is processed food and 40% of this food is consumed outside the home. Of 100 common food items, about 52% are made using harmful hydrogenated fat.

FACT: Studies indicate most people are consuming toxic trans-fatty acids on a daily basis from fats and oils damaged by processing, cooking, light and or oxygen. This damage renders lipid molecules dangerous to virtually every cell in the body. Trans-fatty acids utilized by the body in place of essential fatty acids reduces the cell's permeability and compromises its integrity, leaving the cell vulnerable.

FACT: Recognizing that modern processing destroys much of the inherent quality of food, the government requires that when food has been “fortified,” it be so labeled. Virtually all “fortification” of food today is done with man-made vitamins and non-food minerals. Recent studies indicate that this fortification does not bring the food to anywhere near its preprocessed levels of nutrients or quality, but leaves the food essentially deficient. Worse yet, are the undisclosed additives hidden in many "fortifying vitamins and fortification minerals" that are routinely added to food.

Thirty known nutrients are removed from white flour (usually bleached), with usually only four (4) synthetic nutrients added back in.

FACT: Research indicates most of the food available to us today, whether animal or vegetable, is inherently deficient and in a diseased state. The most obvious symptom is foods susceptibility to extensive predatation during its life cycle by parasites, such as insects, worms, mold and other lower life forms. The worlds healthiest, long-lived cultures document that such predatation is minimal in truly healthy plants and animals. Our soil is continually being depleted of the ingredients that, in adequate amounts, contribute to creating healthy plants and animals. Almost without exception, no remineralization is being done to compensate for this abuse or to replenish the life of the soil, thus the food grown in this soil is deficient, unhealthy and unable to naturally defend itself against predataton. These deficiencies are passed up the food chain, just as the food inherits them from the soil.

FACT: Early Lifestar research has shown that the United States Department of Agricultures blue book on the "Nutritive Value of American Foods," (AH-8) which was used as a primary reference in the United States for determining the vitamin and mineral levels of most types of raw and cooked foods, relied almost entirely on information originally contracted from the University of California at Davis. The University at Davis relied on information obtained from the University of California at Berkeley, which contracted an off-site company to research the information. The information representing the vitamin and mineral content for processed and non-processed food was originally updated in the late 1940's. Supplemented in the form of four minor appendices since then, it did not have its first major update released until March of 1998, a period of almost 50 years.

FACT: Food in produce departments and on grocery store shelves is increasingly more genetically altered, irradiated and in other ways manipulated, adulterated and tampered with. These are typically unlabeled and the products sold without the informed consent of consumers. What is being introduced into peoples diets is a massive human experiment.

FACT: Children are being raised on formulas and cooked enzyme-dead baby food, most formulated with bleached sugar. This establishes, in their infancy, chronic stress on their immune systems and a sugar habit that is actually an addiction. The refined ingredients of their daily diets, the chemicals and unrelenting enzyme loss of being on an exclusively cooked, denatured food diet, leaves children no chance at all of maintaining healthy vital minds and bodies as they mature. In Guatemala (seen in the US as a 3rd world country) the importation or sale of so called baby formula has been significantly restricted.

FACT: Human breast milk contains a critical concentration of three predominant bioactive proteins, i.e. the thermolabiles: serum albumin, alpha lactalbumin and lactoferrin. These proteins contribute significantly to initiating the immune response in infants and have a protective effect on the incidence of several types of childhood cancer. Scientific studies have shown that babies on artificial diets, as compared to breast-fed diets, are at increasing risk for developing several types of cancer before age 15. Infant formulas are totally devoid of these life-enhancing, non denatured proteins. Additionally, the "first milk" (colostrum) generally produced by the mother during the first three days of breast milk production, contains specific peptides that initiate or program cellular immune responses that last most of a persons lifetime. These peptides are essential for a complete programming of the cells of the baby and without them the evidence suggests that the immune system is never completely implemented to anywhere near its full potential. In the wild, mamillian babies denied colostrum during their first week of nursing have a 100% mortality rate.

FACT: Many over-the-counter "medicines" actually drive down one of the most important detoxifying, cell protective element (glutathione) in the body. Products containing acetaminophen as a pain reliever are some of the most widely used antagonists today, contributing significantly to the body's inability to defend or detoxify itself, and are a leading cause of liver failure especially when combined with alcohol.

FACT: In addition to the millions of tons of toxic chemicals released into the air, water and earth each year, the average adult today consumes seven to eight pounds of food additives every year. Only some individual chemicals have been tested, and there simply is no way to determine the effects of the infinite number of additives and pesticide combinations and accumulation in the average diet.

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FACT: Chlorine and fluoride which contribute to aging by their free-radical activity, are added to drinking water which is frequently polluted by industrial and agricultural chemical run-off. Among other harmful effects, this suppresses the essential bacteria in people’s intestines with little in most people's diets to restore the health of their intestinal flora which is essential for healthy body.


Civilization has come to define an overwhelming pathology of illness and degenerative disease as "normal." But it is not natural. The principle of nature's design is health, and where nature's wisdom is forsaken, disease and the study of it is a predictable result. The above facts more than suggest that the average American diet needs supplementation. The question is, "What kind of supplementation? And how do you know it will be of benefit?

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