The Tranquility Device

What is water?

What is water used for? Primarly water is used to hydrate, clean, cool, heat and when falling it may be used to impose motion to a wheel or turbine which is used to produce electricity or additional motion with a specific function such as a conveyor belt or one used to rotate a wheel or push a piston as examples.

One example of the use of water is for cleaning. Contrary to the presumption that soap or any other product typically "cleans" is not true. Water is always the actual cleaner and its function as such is modified by the use of surfactants, also referred to as surface active agents. These chemicals are used to reduce the surface tension of the water to increase it's effectiveness at cleaning. In other words, they are used to make the water wetter. The wetter the water the more influence it has on reducing the chemical or physical bonds of a "contaminate" to an object one wants to get "cleaner". Introduced in recent history is the use of enzymes to help break these bonds.

Modifying water this way may has it's own inherent negative impact on nature. The resistance to oil and gas in moving through the earth by natural means can be reduced by the introduction of water treated with blends of surfactants and sand, and then injected under extreme presure through well heads down a bore hole into naturally occuring fractures and small cracks in subterranean rocks. Called "fracking" is has come into wide use in the United States for extracting oil and natural gas at much cheaper costs than the way that has be used traditionally. The chemical blends are closley guarded secrets. Because this technology reduces the surface tension of the water, one of the results is the widespread effect of the wetter water acting as a lubricant and contributing to slipping of rock faces passed each other resulting in what are commonly referred to as earthquakes.

Wetter water as produced naturally is valuable in cleaning the internal environment of the human body in which the kidneys then filter out for removal from the body. The more manipulated and chemicalized the water is the less effective it is in the body and can actually become a source of polution even under the label of Spring Water.

Waters chemical composition is well known but, until relatively recently, modern science had little understanding of its true nature. What we do know is that as a major constituent of all life forms, water is the essence of life. In the human body, it not only composes about 75% of all lean muscle tissue and about 10% of fatty tissue but also exists inside and outside of every cell and the area in the center of the cell wall. Water is crucial to bodily function and creates an infinitely malleable volume that literally allows movement to be possible. Knowing all this, it’s logical to assume that the quality of the water we drink is fundamental to our level of health as it is to any life form. Indeed, it may not be possible to be truly healthy if its life-giving properties are not optimal and respected.

Many of us have heard about special, high quality waters praised for their health-giving properties, such as those at Lourdes, France; Georgia, Russia; and the Hunza Valley of Pakistan. Similarities among them, which include essential bio-available minerals in solution and no disease-causing bacteria, do not constitute any benefits beyond “normal” water. What is so unique, then, about these special waters?

With Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), scientists and researchers were able to determine that all of these prized, health-giving waters had distinct structural differences from other waters. These are frequently referred to as “structured” waters, labeled perfectly balanced, optimal water with life giving qualities inherent to its natural state. Is it possible to reproduce these special waters? It is, not only similar to nature’s own methods but also without chemicals, filters, salts, electricity, complex metal alloys, or even replaceable parts. Going beyond the restructuring of water, a technology developed by Lifestar and distributed as the Tranquility Device does not attempt to mearely reproduce Natures way, it actually uses it.

Thie Tranquility Device incorporates an advanced understanding and application of the “vortex phenomenon” with the dynamic characteristics of water itself to create naturally renatured water at the molecular level. Initiating the process through natural means, the water renews itself through billions of counter-rotating vortices that, along with other phenomena, creates an energy environment that supports the water to renature itself within an extremely short period of time.

What this natural geometric technology does is break up large, low-energy water molecule clusters present in “normal” water into smaller, high-energy clusters, or renatured water. For instance, water molecules tend to cluster in groups of from 5 to into the 1000's, but the human cell prefers water molecules in clusters of only from 5 to 20, which is present in renatured water. The lower surface tension allows for instant cellular hydration; the pH is balanced pH (between 7.0 and 7.5); the water is “softened” naturally; and it contains an abundance of stable oxygen and negative hydrogen ions. Further, it naturally retains the healthful benefits of minerals and other desirable characteristics while, at the same time, excess suspended solids, contaminants and sediment are dynamically isolated or removed.

How is this possible? The main contingent of renatured water has been described as life force energy that is within the water molecule itself. What this means is that renatured water will literally assimilate into itself all energies detrimental to life, including those of heavy metals, disease, toxins, free radicals, stress and disharmony, and all elements not part of one’s original DNA or RNA . These appear to be pulled to the inside of the water molecule. When ingested, if there is room in the moleculer structure, it will actually continue to attract and encapsulate adverse elements in one’s body as it passes through to the elimination system. As renatured water pulls these elements into the water molecule, it is also assimilating memory.

Water has memory? Yes, it’s an amazing property that scientists can document, with much research done in Russia and Europe. Water clusters have been referred to as a malleable computer that records and stores information, including emotions and even the memory of chemicals that had been filtered out. Back in the 1980s, French researcher Dr. Benvenista was able to give reproducible scientific evidence of biological processes demonstrating the power of some substances to alter the structure of water. Some substances can alter the shape of the of water molecule clusters. Dr. Benveniste’s research indicates that the shape or resonance (frequency) of the water molecule alone carries biological information. It shows properly processed (structured) water alone makes measurable changes in a cell’s function. This ability of the shape of water clusters to impart information became known as the “memory” of water.

When water is "structured", to some extent the memory of that which is detrimental to life is erased and elements that enhance life are carried forward and made available at the cellular level. Essentially, negative energy patterns are reduced and the water’s naturally healthy energy pattern is redefined. In the meantime, most of the beneficial elements ride on the outside of the water molecule and are instantly made available at the cellular level. In short, all you get from structured water are the beneficial elements. The physical elements are released through the body’s elimination system, and the memory of detrimental vibrations/effects are broken, reduced and to some extent eliminated. Going beyond attempts to re-structure water, Lifestar’s Tranquility Device uses nature’s methodologies to return water to its life-giving, natural state of balance beyond the subtle limitations of re-structuring alone by also including every mineral ion know to exist in the food chain and then some.

Renatured water provides benefits to all life. For instance, in agriculture, benefits include decreased water usage, larger plants, increased vegetable protein and micronutrients, 2 to 4 times BRIX (natural sugar) levels (e.g., in tomatoes. strawberries, cucumbers), and quicker ripening.

Some General Benefits of Tranquility Water:

• Fresh invigorating water.

•Natural attraction by animals for the water as compared to municipal or tap water.

• Reduced corrosion and deposits in water pipes.

• Cleaner hot tubs and spas without chemicals.

• Removes existing calcium & aragonite pipe deposits.

• No more irritations from pollutants.

• Helps to prevent dry itchy skin.

• Skin and hair looks and feels better.

• Wonderful anti-aging properties.

• Increases absorption of medications, vitamins & minerals.

• Increased Potential Hydrogen (PH).

• Improves health, less joint & muscle pain, more energy.

• Cleaner, healthier fish tanks.

• Healthier livestock and pets.

• Improves quality of life, promotes long life.

•Vigorous plant growth.

• Greener lawns, less fertilizer.

• Improves ability of plants to withstand freezing temperature.

• Improved crops and garden growth (bio-mass increased 25% to 40%).

• Less algae growth in ponds & lakes; reduces anaerobic bacteria.

• Improved aerobic bacterial activity in all septic and sewage.

• Less to no chlorine required for pools.

Removes and prevents corrosion and increases the lifespan of pipes, hot water heaters, dishwashers, swamp coolers, water heating systems, ice makers, etc.


Lifestar’s Tranquility Device is available in more than ten sizes for various applications: (Information currently being upgraded as of 7/23/2016)

Portable Unit: 6.5 inches long it is great for temporary locations and travel. Its portability also allows usage for individual beverages.

House Unit: will cover the whole family dwelling indoors and out (up to approximately 350 linear feet of pipe) and comes in a choice of 1/2, 3/4, or 1, 1.5 and 2 inch in/out diameter water line. The 3/4 inch basic unit is 11.5 inches (with connectors 17 inches), the 1 inch basic unit is 11.5 inches (with connectors, 18 inches); Except for the Portable device, all units are bi-directional and can be mounted in any position.

Under Sink Unit: 1/2 inch and comes with 2 hose connectors for installation under the sink. The basic unit is 8.5 inches (with connector 10.5 inches). It is bi-directional and can be mounted in any direction.

Garden Unit: 3/4 inch and equipped with garden hose connectors for gardens, motor homes, and portable uses.

Shower Unit: the smallest with a basic length of 6x4x6x4x6 inches . The shower unit is designed to relocate the shower head back to a normal height after installation. This unit is the most popular as you can get full instant hydration with your shower and fill your water bottles, too.

Commercial Unit: designed for a 1-1/4, 1-1/2 or 2 inch in/out water line. At least 50 pounds per square inch pressure + is required. Its basic unit length is 13.5 inches (20 inches with connectors). This unit can be used for Greenhouse, Garden, and Landscape applications.

The versatility of the unit sizes can accommodate whatever the specific situation requires with the appropriate unit(s) or combination thereof.

All units come with the following guarantee:

1. “The Tranquility Device is guaranteed to improve the effectiveness of water run through the Device for what ever purpose you are using the water for.”

Avoid “thinking” about this statement as that will bring up what you believe you have learned about water. We invite you not to be imprisoned by your thoughts but to pay attention to the “ideas” that reveal themselves and follow them for they will likely lead you to an adventure full of surprises and joyfulness associated with the use of the Device.

The Tranquility Device is not a filter. While it can reduce the influence of contaminates (man made chemicals) or even eliminate their influence, the Device will improve, often dramatically, the results you are seeking.

The Device comes with two other types of guarantees.

2. You have 120 days to prove to yourself that it will produce results.
3. The Device will not stop producing results.

If your water source produces high levels of total dissolved solids (TDS) in the water such as from a well, a properly maintained sediment filter is required to minimize that influence on the water. The Device will not remove salt from sea water for instance, but it will influence the taste. The Device will influence (improve) the flavor of some liquids run through it such a wine and some fruit juices.

Each Tranquility Device has a bar code and Identification Number on a small label attached to the Device. This number will be associated with the name of the purchaser of the Device upon registration including contact information with Lifestar thus establishing the Guarantee as active. The Guarantee is not transferable unless the tranquility Device is given as a gift. The name of the receiver and their contact information must be registered with Lifestar in order for the Guarantee to remain active relative to gifting the Device.

The metallic parts of the Device are guaranteed not to leak for 10 years if not damaged in any way. The live expectancy of the 4 to 6 internal seals (O rings) is 25 years.

If the Tranquility Device does not meet with your satisfaction call Lifestar and find out what may be interfering with your intended outcome. If this does not meet your need and the Device is not damaged in any way, upon receipt by Lifestar, we will arrange to refund your purchase price through the Distributor you purchased the Device from or from Lifestar. The refund will include any shipping costs originally payed by you. While you will be responsible for packaging the Device in such a way it will not likely be damaged during its return, Lifestar will pay the shipping costs to return the Device. Any other costs such as customs expenses, federal/state excise or sales taxes cannot be refunded. Lifestar must have the Device returned so we can determine what the problem may be, fix the problem if possible and share the information.

A significant increase in hydration is most common. The Device is effective in the following examples and not limited to them.

All plant growth including Fruits, Vegetables, Medicinal plants including medical cannibus, Ground Cover including Trees, Bushes and Cacti.

All Humans, Animals including Dogs, Cats, Birds, Reptiles, and Fish. Veterinarian, Kennel and Zoo applications.

Essential soil bacteria and other supportive organisms. Less to no re-mineralization necessities.

Farm animals including dairy cows are naturally attracted to water that has passed through a Tranquility Device and will usually ignore any other water that is also available. Increase in milk production and protein content. Pet dogs prefer the Tranquility Device water over tap water.

In one observation using well water, bacteria found and monitored in the water before passing through a Tranquility Device was not found in the same water after passing through the Device. That particular model of the Tranquility Device was an earlier version and did not employ any of the newer features of the current Device.

Other Applications:

All “wash down” cleaning in processing environments, sewage treatment, steam production, sanitation and recycling, car and truck washing, laundry, tableware, showers, chemical processing, plaster and concrete manufacturing. Water reclamation and restoration.

Significant reduction in surface tension and water molecule clustering sizes.

Significant improvements in nutrient density of plants including BRIX levels. Faster growth rates including sprouting, pest reduction or elimination, reduction in yeast and mold growth, higher plant yields and less water consumption than with previous harvests. Hydroponics and other hot house applications, indoor and outdoor row, canal and drip irrigation systems.

An apparent reduction in frost or freeze damage to plants. More replicated testing is required for authentication.

• While the Tranquility Device meets the current general definitions of a “water structuring device” and a “flow form device” it exceeds both definitions.

• The external and two internal parts of the Tranquility Device structure are lead free pure copper made in the United States. The lead free copper reducers and lead free bronze fittings are made in Germany.

• The Tranquility Device meets all environmental requirements of the European Union.

• All design, testing and assembly of the Device is performed in the United States exclusively by Lifestar.

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